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About Onda

What we believe

Our manifesto
ONDA was created in the belief that the most valuable things we have are our connections with others, and so creating opportunities for human interaction is the noblest of all aims. We believe in the value of relationships and the strength we possess as a community for the collective betterment of each other. Through shared experiences and wisdom we champion ideas around our mutual wellbeing, establishing far-reaching channels of knowledge and inspiration
ONDA | A private network of inspiring people, places and experiences

Our Pillars

Foster a spirit of inclusion, trust, and affiliation
Inspire through enabling discovery and exploration
Celebrate the sharing of culture, creativity and ideas
Create opportunities through chance encounters
Endeavour to make a big world feel a little smaller
Commit to meaningfully supporting projects with purpose
ONDA | A private network of inspiring people, places and experiences

Luca Del Bono

Luca Del Bono is at the forefront of today’s global lifestyle revolution, ushering in a new era of conscious travel by expanding the ways people connect to each other and to their environments.
Luca has an extensive hospitality background which further refined his gift for style and devotion to for meaningful experiences. The magic ingredient in all his endeavors has been his passion for basic values, Luca has been able to create unforgettable experiences for those around him while driving positive social impact.
Luca Del Bono
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