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Kiva Cowork, State St.
Club type
Dress code
Come as you are!
Ergonomic furniture, outdoor areas and climate controls create a comfortable space for you to be at your best!
Must try
One of our Wellness programs...
Cutting Edge Conference Rooms, Private Phone Booths, Standing Desks, Mailboxes, Private Shower, Outdoor Lounges & so much more!
Good to know
Entrada Conference Room: $130 per hour | Atrium Conference Room: $130 per hour | Tech Conference Room: $100 per hour | Mini Conference Room: $50/hour (Capacity for 4 people)
Little secretFriendly dogs are welcome...
Tons of nooks and crannies to hunker down and get some focused work done...with numerous after-work and day drink options around. The space will allow you to live the quintessential California lifestyle.