represenataiton of Alma
represenataiton of Alma
represenataiton of Alma
represenataiton of Alma
Club type
Members Club
Dress code
Come as you are!
A place for creative souls and progressive minds. For entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives and thought leaders, who seek intellectual and social nourishment. A place where you meet, eat, connect and take part in remarkable experiences!
Must try
A daily lunch made by locally-sourced ingredients, prepared by chef duo Gordon Grimlund and Nathalie Nordström
Co-working facilities, Sun-filled restaurant, Meeting rooms, Recording studio, Lounge, Bar
Little secretExplore Swedish painter Helena Lund Ek's work displayed across the club
Founded on the similar principles alluded to by its name, derived from, Alma Mater, Alma was founded in 2017 by Fredrik Carlström and provides members intellectual and mental stimulation in an open, welcoming fashion. Transcending the boundaries of gathering places, Alma integrates architecture, product design, music and art, with cultural programming, food and drink. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”, said Maya Angelo, and we believe she is right. Come foster your creativity, nourish your intellect and expand your mind.

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