Tantra for 2 @Open Hearts Lisboa
Saturday, April 29, 2023
Starts at 11:00 AM
R. do Diário de Notícias 59, 1200-365 Lisboa, Portugal


Do you desire more depth in your relationship, want to ignite a playful spark or find new ways to connect to each other? This workshop is just right for you if you want to build a deeper emotional and physical (and, if you like, also spiritual) connection with your partner and/or lover. IN THIS WORKSHOP YOU WILL LEARN to drop into your own body and stay aware of your own needs and boundaries while being in connection to your partner. different ways to dive deep in a non verbal and verbal way. to feel and express the appreciation you have for each other. Who doesn’t love a little bit of worship?! to restore your ability to experience pleasure with full presence by mastering the art of giving and receiving. how to pleasure map each others bodies and direct until you reach your yummiest “fuck yes”. to slow down together to actual feel all the subtle pleasures and not overrun what wants to be heard or seen. how to make exploring each other's senses next level playful. Together we will create a mindful space for your shameless curiosity and intimacy. This experience will have a lasting impact on your relationship. You will be equipped with exercises and tools that you can take into your everyday life and love life. PRICE: 120€