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ONDA x Cercle "Slow Living Supper Club"

Here at ONDA, we're on a mission to redefine the way you experience life's finest moments; connecting with fellow members, sharing experiences in private places around the world. 

Our partnership with CERCLE, the groundbreaking fashion sharing platform, embodies this commitment. We've teamed up to curate experiences that perfectly blend sustainable style with the warmth of community. The result? A wonderful event at the enchanting Nikita Members Club, in the heart of Mayfair, set in sophisticated space, the place is the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.

Sustainable Fashion and Community: The Perfect Match

Our sustainable fashion event, presented by CERCLE, was a testament to our commitment to a community that treasures style with a purpose. The night was an elegant fusion of inspiring dialogues, stylish connections, and profound encounters. Highlight of the evening, our favourite poet Lilly Lewis shared some beautiful poems.

Unlock a World of Exclusive Experiences

Are you passionate about the environment, well-being, travel among other inspiring interests, that you’d like to share by connecting with like-minded individuals? ONDA is your community. Our events are not just gatherings; they are impactful experiences. As an ONDA member, you gain access to a world of opportunities – from chic soirées to wellness retreats and immersive travel adventures.

The magic doesn't stop here. ONDA is your “passport" to a universe of captivating moments. Discover, connect, and experience in a beautiful way, the ONDA way.